D J  E T H E R


Ether has been a musician all of his life. He started learning piano at a very young age and since has discovered the beautiful harmony of guitar, mandolin, violin, didjerido and Native American flute. His musical history includes performances in musical theater such as the world premiere of "Meat Street: The Musical" - a profound musical discussing the corruption in the world due to psychiatry; as well as performances in bands such as Sheba Slept Here, Catching Thorns and Lore De Umbra.

Currently, Ether is attending Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida with a major in "Music and Audio specialization" where he is only a few credits away from earning his degree.

By day, Ether works as a network administrator and security consultant.

By night, Ether enjoys spinning records for clubs and parties. He is a huge lover of the musical arts and thoroughly enjoys everything about Dj'ing, from the wonderful music to the spellbinding energy of the crowds. He loves music in every aspect for you see music is his greatest influence in life. He understands the powerful spiritual qualities of music and how it may be used for great things such as healing. When he is spinning records or producing, the one focus he keeps above all else is making sure he touches the soul of every one open to the beautiful energy of the music.

Ether is what you would call a "Jack of all trades". His work history is as extensive as it is versatile. He has gone from one extreme to the other, from performing as Frankenstein and a trick stilt walker, to running the front-of-house console for large performances, to writing proprietary Unix software for various firms, to spinning, to graphic and web design, to extra work in various movies. The list goes on. Ether is on a neverending quest for wisdom. He wants to know everything about everything and his cravings for wisdom will never be satisfied.

Ether is a very kind and loving person and a bright spirit. He lives in the moment and does his best to make sure that he takes nothing for granted. He enjoys spirituality very much though he would not stereotype himself with any specific religion. His beliefs are his own.

Whenever he finds a free moment, Ether enjoys practicing healing arts such as Reiki. He is a certified second degree Reiki healer and will be getting his Reiki-Master degree soon. He knows in his heart that he can incorporate the beautiful and natural energy of Reiki into his DJ'ing and music production. This is what separates Ether from other DJs. His style is unique with a soul purpose of spreading magical and loving energy to himself and others...

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